A magical night at the Wadsworth

Newnan is blessed to have a splendid auditorium in the heart of our little community. Built in the last century, I’m thinking as a WPA construction project – yes, I need to find out – its a lovely little (400 seat) house with wonderful acoustics. Though the stage is small and the wings are smaller, making it not a terrific venue for theatre, it’s just the place for its namesake concert.

It remains a joy to come together, in person, with good friends and other members of our community; I sincerely hope we remember the days in the not so distance past when we weren’t able – I hope we never come to take this for granted again.

The Wadsworth concert is frankly, too good for us. It’s only because Charles Wadsworth is a native son that this absolutely fabulous and unique concert series comes to Newnan every year. World class musicians. World Class. I do not exaggerate. These are top notch artists that come to our little town to grace the stage with their considerable talents, and if you miss this, you missed a magical evening.

The roster of artists is different every year. In the past, it was the man himself, Charles Wadsworth, who selected them. Now, as Charles is no longer able, he has handed the reins over to his capable protege and Newnan’s other favorite child, Courtenay Budd. She coordinates and performs, this year with fellow artists Chee-Yun (Violin), Henry Kramer (Piano), Masumi Per Rostad (Viola), Wendy Sutter (Cello) and Erika Switzer (Piano). Each of these artists is at the top of their field. Each performance was stunning. That’s really all that can be said.

I could go on and on, parsing nits but frankly, classical music isn’t my forte. All I know is, I was enchanted.

If you missed this year’s concert, don’t miss it next year.

We really aren’t worthy, but I sure am grateful that they came and indulged this poor sinner.