“Southern Comforts” at Southside Theatre Guild. Yes.

The Southside Theatre Guild in Fairburn picked the perfect show for their season opener, their 45th (Congrats!) – a show aptly named Southern Comforts.  It’s a two hander, and this old gal was happy to see parts for two older persons. It’s about finding love and purpose when one is a little further down the road, and for my money, that’s a fine topic for a play.

That’s also why it was a fine choice for this small, volunteer driven group. I don’t know what the national statistic is, but I suspect that the average theatre goer in America is over the mid-line. I could, if asked, go on a rant here why this absolutely makes a commitment to Theatre for Young Audiences a vital need for every theatre, but that’s another post, I suppose…

Back to Southern Comforts and Southside (great name, guys).  Their audiences definitely skew towards older folks. Nice folks. This play definitely skewed towards their target:  A lovely little story, well performed, with touches of reasonably polite humor. The strongest language: One ‘damn’.  Just the one. Sex was mentioned, sort of, but never seen, of course.

Mike Hubbard as Gus was just delightful, though I did find myself thinking the part was written with Gus being just a bit more of a curmudgeon than as played – I suspect Mr. Hubbard really is a big ole teddy in real life. Deena Seckinger as Amanda held her own and if her southern accent got a trifle heavy, it still supported her character.

I have to give a shout out to the set crew who came on at half time and thoroughly entertained as The Smokey Mountain Movers. Not knowing the script, I don’t know who to give credit to:  Author Kathleen Clark or Director Michelle Smith. Kudos to all involved.